Deftones look to be teasing a new announcement, blacking out their socials

The band have previously confirmed that a new album is arriving this year

Deftones have blacked out all their social media profile pictures, hinting that an announcement is on the way.

The announcement could well be that of a new album – the band said back in June that their new record is finished, and could be out in September.

Yesterday (August 14), the band updated their profile and header pictures on their FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages, and a Facebook post links to the band’s website, which has now been blacked out.


When visiting the website, the URL suddenly becomes ‘’, hinting that, as they said back in June, the album could come out on September 25, which is also a Friday.

Chino Moreno of Deftones. CREDIT: Sean Mathis/Getty Images

Speaking of the new album earlier this year, the band’s drummer Abe Cunningham hinting at the September releasedate.

Speaking in a new interview, Cunningham was asked about the status of the band’s ninth studio album, which frontman Chino Moreno had previously stated would “definitely be out” this year.

“We actually tracked everything over the summer, last summer – June and July – we were in the studio tracking,” Cunningham told Download TV, a virtual edition of Download Festival.

“But we actually just completed everything… We were down in L.A. recording, but we mixed up in Seattle.” Asked about a release date, he added: “It should be coming along, hopefully, maybe September. I heard something.”


Back in June, Deftones celebrated 20 years of their ‘White Pony’ album. Speaking to NME for a retrospective feature about the classic album, Moreno said: “I would describe the record as a slow-burner.

“I remember when we were first putting it together – the songs were expansive and it all goes through a journey – but I don’t think that you can completely take that in when listening to it for the first time. The more you listen to it, the more you get out of it. It lends itself to having a longer shelf life.”