Deftones to reissue ‘White Pony’ with remix album ‘Black Stallion’

DJ Shadow is the first name confirmed for the project

Deftones have announced a reissue of their third album, ‘White Pony’, which will include a new remixed version of the LP.

The band held a press conference via Zoom today (June 18), ahead of the album’s official 20th anniversary on Saturday. During the conference, vocalist Chino Moreno confirmed both the album’s reissue and the additional remix album. Titled ‘Black Stallion,’ the remix will feature contributions from a slew of artists reworking each track from the album.

“We have a bunch of different people on it,” said Moreno.


He also noted some of ‘Black Stallion”s contributors “actually inspired some of the writing of the record itself”.

It’s been confirmed that DJ Shadow worked on the ‘Black Stallion’ project. The band have paid tribute to the producer in the past by recreating the cover of his 1996 debut ‘Endtroducing……’

“I think one time we actually hit him up,” said keyboardist Frank Delgado. “He was playing here in town [Sacramento]. I was opening, DJing, and me and Chino kind of cornered him.”

The announcement follows comments on the 20th anniversary of ‘White Pony’ Moreno made last month during an interview with Zane Lowe. During the interview, Moreno noted that the band had originally wanted Shadow to helm the entire ‘Black Stallion’ project.

“Our initial idea was we’re going to get the masters of the record, we’re going to put some money… and the masters in a briefcase,” he said.


“[W]e [were] going to go to DJ Shadow’s house and were just going to hand it off to him and say like, ‘Here man, remix this record.'”

The band also recently confirmed that their ninth studio album was completed, and tentatively slated for a September release.