Hear it now...Plus hardcore Billie covers spring up on internet...

Delakota have remixed Billie‘s new single ‘Honey To The Bee’, released on March 22 through Innocent.

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Billie, 16, approached the band after hearing their debut album ‘One Love’, released last year.


Billie told NME: “I absolutely loved Delakota‘s album. It was great working with them and I just love the remix. I would love to work with them again.”

A spokesman for Delakota revealed that the band had turned down “a whole bunch of remixes” to get the chance to work with Billie, whose debut single, ‘Because We Want To’, went straight to Number One.

Frontman Cass Browne said: “When we heard her voice on DAT it sounded beautiful. Billie gets a lot of unfair shit from people. It seems strange to pick her out from other acts.

“She’s good at singing and good at dancing and we would definitely work with her again.” Delakota are currently in the studio writing and recording new material.

Their ‘Honey To The Bee’ remix follows soon after a techno version of Billie‘s last single ‘She Wants You’.

Hardcore act S-Scape have recorded their own unauthorised version of the song which is available on the Internet. You can access the song at the United States Of Hardcore website at


Are Delakota sell-outs for working with Billie? Is Billie a sell-out for having remixes done by dance’s bottom feeders? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!