'New Baggy' pioneers leave label

Delakota are looking for a new deal after leaving Go! Beat Records.

Frontman Cass Browne, ex-Senseless Things singer, said:

“Due to a number of uncontrollable factors and personal misfortune within the band and surrounding members, there was a loss of time and momentum.


“These events raised anxieties and pressures on both sides. On a positive note, we’ve got a great deal of respect for the time and effort that Go! Beat have put into Delakota.”

The band are now working in their own studio, The Village, on the follow-up to their debut album, ‘One Love’.

Browne said: “We’ve already demoed over 30 tracks and have got enough for a great double album, bordering on a triple. Soul, emotion, melody and technology – it’s a fucking scorcher.”

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