NME’s indie rock pundit triumphs at Euro final

Delays' Aaron Gilbert nails it again with Spain win

NME.COM‘s European Championship pundit Aaron Gilbert from Delays is celebrating today (June 30) – after successfully tipping Spain to win the tournament.

They triumphed 1-0 over Germany in yesterday’s final in Vienna, which the keyboard player predicted would happen before the finals kicked off.

It’s the second tournament running that Gilbert has picked the winners, after predicting outsiders Greece would win in 2004.

“It’s just intuition, I speak from the heart, I’m the real deal,” he joked. “I just woke up that morning we did the predictions and I saw red. Not in angry way, but in a matador way. They were fucking amazing!”

Gilbert added that he had backed his tip, and is now on the way to the bookies to collect his winnings.

“I’m up on this one. I put £50 on them and I got them early, I think it was 5-1, so I better go and collect that now,” he explained. “Spain were just amazing.”