But don’t expect the band to start moonwalking just yet…

Delays singer GREG GILBERT has revealed how Michael Jackson has been a major inspiration on their forthcoming album ’ACTION REACTION’.

The Southampton quartet have already written more than 40 songs for their second record, which is due out in April next year.

“I was inspired by the fact Michael Jackson had 300 songs for ’Thriller’ and two weeks before mastering it, he still thought it was two songs short. I mean there are only about nine songs on the album,” Greg told NME.COM.


“All the people we really, really admire like Prince don’t have a long gap between their albums. That is why we are bringing it out so soon after the first album. I wouldn’t want that pressure of really dwelling on a new album. I spend a lot of time thinking about stuff and it would really do my head in if I thought about it too much.”

The band have previewed several new tracks from the record during their UK tour including ‘Segue’, ‘Lillian’, ‘You See Colours’, ‘Angel’, ‘Out Of Nowhere’ and current single ‘Lost In A Melody’.

A number of other songs such as ‘Faraday’, ‘Waste Of Space’ and a track called ‘Until The Ream’ may also appear on the album.

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