Euro 2008 predictions – can you beat our indie rock pundit?

NME.COM has a recruited a special pundit for this summer's tournament

Tomorrow (June 7) Europe’s eyes will be on Austria and Switzerland as the 2008 European Football Championships kick off.

England and Scotland might not have made it, but there’s still a lot of football to be played.

Four years ago NME.COM asked a host of bands who they thought would win, but one man stood out from the crowd. Aaron Gilbert from Delays picked out surprise winners Greece weeks before the tournament, and successfully predicted the minnows would pull off an upset.


Well we’ve invited the keyboard player back as NME.COM‘s official Euro pundit. Below are his predictions for the 2008 tournament. We’ll be checking in regularly with Gilbert as the competition progresses, but for now check out his initial predictions then make your own by posting them up in the comments below. There will be prizes of some sorts of we discover any budding Alan Hansens or Mystic Meg.

Aaron’s Favourite


“I wanted to predict another upset like with Greece, but I don’t think it will happen. It’s painfully obvious Spain have got the team. I know a lot people are tipping Portugal but I think Spain will pip them. Torres is on fire, and the depth they’ve got in their squad is ridiculous – there’s a galaxy of stars right there. I know they’ve struggled in the past, but they’re up for and I think they’ll do it.”

Also in with a chance:



“I think they’ll come through group of death [Holland and France are also in their group] so they’ll have a chance if they pull that off, but they won’t go all the way.”


“They’re just ridiculous at moment! Ronaldo is on fire and I know it’s obvious to tip them, but sometimes it’s obvious for a reason. If Spain slip up, they’ll take it.”


“They are always dark horses in this sort of competitions and they have that mentally to win. This time the squad are all fucking massive too. You’ve got 11 Paul Bunyans running around and that’s intimidating.”

Could cause an upset


” I have no basis for this statement, but Sweden could cause an upset. Basically I woke up the other day with yellow and blue in my head, it was a trippy dream. They’ve got a lot of the old boys still, and a good head could mean a good stead.”

Top scorer

Spain‘s Fernando Torres. He’s on fire and I’m impressed by people that tall.”

That’s Aaron Gilbert predictions, post yours below now.