West Princes Square Gardens show will be a historic occasion for two reasons...

THE DELGADOS and Idlewild will join Garbage at their Edinburgh West Princes Square Gardens show to mark the opening of the Scottish Parliament on July 1.

Speaking to Radio 1 yesterday, Shirley Manson said that she was thrilled to be playing the event, doubly so as it’s the first time that Garbage have played in her home city of Edinburgh.

“We’re playing under the veil of the castle,” she said. “It’s such a beautiful city and I’m so excited about bringing my band over to where I grew up and playing for my home crowd”


But Manson was cautious about suggestions that the Scottish Parliament represented a move towards independence.

“I think the Scots are proceeding with caution,” she said. “I think everybody’s fully aware that it’s not gonna be the answer to all our problems overnight. I’m not a separatist, I really do believe in the union. I believe that people should learn to live together and tolerate each other so I say proceed with caution but it’s something to be celebrated”

The opening of the first Scottish Parliament since the Act Of Union in 1707 will be marked by a beacons being lit across the city’s hills at dusk. The official opening ceremony, to be attended by the Queen, takes place the following morning in the Assembly Hall. There will be a massive procession through the city along the Royal Mile and at the same time as the Garbage show, there will be a classical concert followed and a celidh.

The opening ceremony will be televised live and there will be nmonitors set

Tickets are priced #14.50 can be booked on 0870 739 9111.

For more info on the celebrations call 08700 507507 or click here to got to the official Scottish Parliament web site.