Watch Demi Lovato surprise fans by going undercover as a cab driver

Singer says, "It's a job that's, like, cool for the summer"

Demi Lovato surprised fans in Denver recently by going undercover as a cab driver.

The pop singer launched a brief second career as a driver for Lyft, an Uber-style ride-sharing service. “It’s a job that’s, like, cool for the summer,” she told one passenger who had yet to recognise her, knowingly referencing the title of her summer 2015 hit. Watch Lovato’s stint as a Lyft driver below.


Lovato’s brief second career as a Lyft driver follows her appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke with Nick Jonas earlier this year. Former Camp Rock co-stars Lovato and Jonas – who are currently touring North America together – took on some of their biggest hits, and also got out of the car to try their luck at busking.

Meanwhile, Lovato is being sued by Sleigh Bells for allegedly sampling their 2010 track ‘Infinity Guitars’ without the band’s permission. A copyright infringement lawsuit was filed by the duo against the singer in an LA court on August 26.

It claims that Lovato’s 2015 track ‘Stars’, which was released on her ‘Confident’ album as a bonus track, features elements of bass drum and hand-clap rhythms taken wholesale from Sleigh Bells’ own track. Sleigh Bells had previously taken to Twitter to accuse Lovato of using snippets from their songs.