Depeche Mode: ‘We don’t see each other when we’re not touring’

Band reveal the secrets of staying together for 31 years

Depeche Mode have talked about how they’ve managed to stay together for so long despite their turbulent relationship.

Speaking at a conference at SXSW in Austin, Texas, which the band are attending for the first time, Martin Gore said: “We don’t keep in constant contact after a tour, we only speak to each other every four to six months.”

He added he, Dave Gahan and Andy Fletcher only reconvened for forthcoming new album ‘Delta Machine’ because “the time just felt right”. Asked why they were attending the annual music conference for the first time as their new album was being released, singer Dave Gahan said it was suggested they went, adding: “Usually by now we’d be in a hotel room in Poland, talking to lovely journalists and crawling up the walls. So this is nice and different.”


Gahan, who struggled with heroin addiction during the ’90s, went on to talk about how he got clean, saying it requires a lot of help and support from friends. He said: “It’s slow, and you’ve got to want to change. If you’re in a place that’s not working for you… well, it wasn’t working for me, but I’m glad you got a thrill out of it.

“In the last 15 years my life has gotten better, I participate in it in a very different way. I love the challenge of working and being a dad and husband. Sitting here and celebrating our 13th record together, that in itself… that’s really what it’s all about”.

‘Delta Machine’ will be released on March 22.

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