‘Sad, lonely’ Depeche Mode told to testify in ‘World Of Warcraft’ trial

US videogamer asks Martin Gore to explain themes of loneliness in the courtroom

Depeche Mode‘s Martin Gore has been asked to testify in a lawsuit by a US videogamer who claims the guitarist is an expert in feeling sad, melancholic and alienated.

Californian Erik Estavillo is taking the developers of the World Of Warcraft game to court because he says it has left him feeling removed from real life, reports The Guardian.

As part of his case, he has called on Gore – along with actress Winona Ryder – to testify because both are authorities on the subject.

Estavillo states that Gore should testify to the Santa Clara county superior court because “he himself has been known to be sad, lonely, and alienated, as can be seen in the songs he writes”.

In previous years, Estavillo has issued similar lawsuits against Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, though all have been unsuccessful.

In his current lawsuit, he states that World of Warcraft‘s developers have unleashed “sneaky and deceitful practices” in the game.