Depeche Mode’s back catalogue to be turned into a controversial musical

'Playing The Angel' opens in Malta early next year

A musical featuring the back catalogue of Depeche Mode is set to open early next year.

Called Playing The Angel, the play will run at the MITP theatre in Valletta, Malta and will feature a somewhat controversial storyline.

Depeche Mode are not ABBA or Queen,” writer Adrian Buckle told The Times Of Malta. “The story can’t be a happy one. It is a story of two boys growing up, coming of age and discovering love. They are abused, used, taken advantage of. It’s their sad way of discovering life.”


The challenging content is nothing new for Unifaun, the theatre company behind the play, who last year had a production banned by local authorities in Malta.

“Well, I’m not going to invite my grandmother to this musical,” Buckle admitted. “Yes, it will push boundaries, but I don’t do plays because they are controversial, I do them because they’re quality productions, which are relevant to the local scenario.”

Set to open in Malta, Unifaun are attempting to bring Playing The Angel to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Open auditions are being held for the main roles in the production, with casting beginning on June 27.


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