Depeche Mode get remastered

Reissues are set to include bonus material

Depeche Mode are set to reissue their classic Eighties albums albums ‘Speak & Spell’,‘Music for the Masses’ and ‘Violator’ on March 27.

The albums will be available on DVD and SACD.

‘Speak & Spell’, their 1981 debut, is set to include the additional tracks: ‘Ice Machine’, ‘Shout’, ‘Any Second Now’ and ‘Just Can’t Get Enough (schizo mix)


1987’s ‘Music For The Masses’ is set to include ‘Agent Orange’, ‘Pleasure, Little Treasure’, ‘Route 66’, ‘Stjarna’ and ‘Sonata No.14 in Cminor (Moonlight Sonata)’. It will also include ‘Agent Orange’ (Bonus 5.1 mix), ‘Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)’, ‘To Have And to Hold (Spanish Taster)’ and ‘Pleasure, Little Treaure Glitter Mix’.

‘Violator’, from 1990, will include additional tracks: ‘Dangerous’, ‘Memphisto’, ‘Sibeling’, ‘Kaleid’,’Happiest Girl Jack Mix’ and ‘Sea Of Sin Tonal Mix’.