Dave Gahan wants a bigger songwriting role for the synth-pop veterans...

Depeche Mode frontman DAVE GAHAN says he will leave the band if he isn’t given a bigger songwriting role.

The star, who has just released his acclaimed debut solo album ‘Paper Monsters’, said bandmate Martin Gore, who is Depeche Mode‘ songwriter, has got to be a little more democratic if the band are to have a future. The band’s last studio album, ‘Exciter’, was released in 2001.

Gahan told Spiegel magazine: “Whether there is a future for Depeche Mode


very much depends on whether Martin is willing and open enough to change. All I know is it won’t be going on as it was, I want to be involved more in working on new songs.”

Gahan insisted self-doubt had stopped him from sticking up for himself more.

He added: “I didn’t have enough confidence, and where should I have taken it from? After all, Martin Gore is the creative head of Depeche Mode. I was just the singer.”

“Martin sometimes even told me how to sing certain passages. I often felt like an instrument being used by others.”

Gahan plays Glastonbury’s Other Stage on June 29 and appears at the Move Festival in Manchester on July 12.