But that doesn't mean the end of Depeche for Dave Gahan...

DEPECHE MODE singer DAVE GAHAN has said he wants a selection of guest vocalists, including PJ HARVEY and BJORK, to appear on his forthcoming solo album.

According to, Gahan said Harvey‘s “distinctive voice” is what attracts him to her as an artist.

He said: “I’d love to duet with PJ Harvey on the album. I know Nick Cave has already worked with her but she’s got such a distinctive voice. I’d also like to work with Bjork. She’s a real talent.”


Gahan said that a solo record would not mean the end to Depeche Mode, who released a new album ‘Exciter’, earlier this year.

He said: “I still want to be involved with Depeche…but there’s things I want to say and experiences I want to put down that would better suit a solo album.”