Snippets of 'Exciter' to be made available on the band's website...

DEPECHE MODE are giving fans a preview of their new album ‘EXCITER’, to be released through MUTE on May 14.

Snippets of the first new material from the band since 1997’s multi-million selling ‘Ultra’ will be available as MP3 downloads from as of tomorrow (January 31) at 8am GMT, with two exclusive excerpts being posted daily. The site currently hosts a brief soundclip of the first single to be culled from the album, ‘Dream On’, which is released on April 23.

Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher and Dave Gahan recorded the album in Santa Barbara, New York and London.

The band, who have sold more than 50 million albums since 1981, worked with producer Mark Bell for the first time on ‘Exciter’, the man behind the mixing desk with Bjork on her ‘Homogenic’ and the critically-lauded soundtrack ‘Selmasongs’, who Fletcher described as “very important” to the making of ‘Exciter’ in the way he used vocals almost as an instrument.

Other new tracks on the album include ‘The Sweetest Condition’, ‘When the Body Speaks’, ‘Goodnight Lovers’, ‘Freelove’, ‘I Am You’ and ‘Breathe’, which features Gore on vocals.

Gahan admitted that he was “physically” unable to give 100% to their last album, ‘Ultra’. “When you’re singing a song, it’s like you can just disappear into it. It’s the only way I can describe it really. And I did that. It’s a really luxurious place to be. I wanted to do that with every song. On ‘Ultra’ I was not able to do that because I wasn’t physically able to bring all of myself to it. Now I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders.”

Fletcher, who said he feels the new album most strongly resembles ‘Black Celebration’ in the strength of its songs, added: “Because of the problems in the band during the last two studio albums, the creativity was cut off to a certain extent. Now relations between us are better than they have been for a long time and that has carried over to the album.”

Live dates look likely to be scheduled around late-spring or early summer to coincide with the album’s release.