The group will be holding auditions…

DESTINY’S CHILD are looking for 25 of the hottest male dancers in the US.

The girl group, who are working on a new studio album, will be holding auditions in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston to find the dancers to promote the trio’s forthcoming new album through performances on tour, TV and videos.

Auditions will be held in New York (August 8), Atlanta (12), LA (14), Chicago (15) and Houston (16).

Choreographer Frank Gatson, who is working on the rehearsals, said: “It is my -and Destiny’s Child‘s – belief that great dancers are everywhere. We are looking for gifted dancers for the new Destiny’s Child album. God has given them the gift to dance and given me the gift to see their ability to dance. Dancers have a destiny too. If they are really talented, we will find them.”

Destiny’s Child will be in attendance at the New York auditions.