New band statement says that they're not splitting up after all...

Destiny’s Child have issued a statement maintaining they are “very much a group”, following media speculation that they are to split.

Rumours of the break-up of the band have been rife after BeyoncĂ© Knowles told a US chat show that the group were planning to take a break following their current tour. Now they have issued a statement to Billboard magazine in the US, saying that although the immediate future will see each member work on projects “that reflect our individual personalities”, it doesn’t spell the end of Destiny’s Child.

The statement reads: “We are very much a group, very much together, and plan to be for many years. We just want to take a little time to work on some things that reflect our individual personalities and we’re going to help and support each other with everything we do.

“We’ve worked really hard to get to where we are and have been blessed with success and the incredible support of our fans. We’re like sisters, we really love and understand each other and have such a great time that we can’t even think about breaking up Destiny’s Child.”