But no details of the settlement with LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson over those lyrics have been made public...

Destiny’s Child have reached a legal settlement with two former members of the band over the lyrics to ‘SURVIVOR’.

LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, who left the group in 2000, were suing Destiny’s Child, their manager and Sony Music over the lyric: “You thought that I’d be stressed without you/ But I’m chillin’/ You thought I wouldn’t sell without you/Sold nine million”.

Their libel rested on ‘Survivor’ contravening a previous settlement prohibiting either party from making “any public comment of a disparaging nature concerning one another”, according to Internet reports. Luckett and Roberson had previously failed in a bid to prevent the band performing the song live.


No details of the settlement have been made public. Lead singer Beyoncé Knowles dismissed the action, saying it was ill-founded: “I’ve had people from school who said we weren’t going to make it. We had a label that dropped us, For me, I have no problems with anybody. I was 17 when they left. It was a long time ago… it’s silly.”

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