Beyonce Knowles may have made it big, but she says the music industry can "drive you crazy"...

DESTINY’S CHILD singer BEYONCE KNOWLES has warned wannabe popstars that the music industry can “drive you crazy and mess with your head”.

Knowles, who confirmed that the immediate future of the pop sensations is currently secure, told the forthcoming issue of Radio Times that young people should seriously consider a career in music before embarking on that path.

She said: “I wouldn’t suggest this as a career for anyone. My younger sister Solange loves performing, and in the beginning I didn’t want her to do it. It makes you happy but also sad. Some deal with it, others can’t.

“It can drive you crazy and mess with your head. You have to be super-strong because people say things about you. As I get older I care less about that…

“Sharks are all around and if you can survive them once you’re successful, that’s when the true you comes out. Someone says to Kelly, ‘Why does Beyonce sing all the songs? You should do more,’ and the same person asks me, ‘You do all the work, so why are you sharing your money with the group?’ and he’ll go to Michelle, ‘They’ve been together a long time. They don’t want you.’ It can get to you if you don’t know the truth. Now whenever anyone starts that with us we say, ‘Excuse me, please go away.'”

Knowles co-stars as Foxxy Cleopatra in the forthcoming Mike Myers film ‘Austin Powers In Goldmember’.