But the celebration could well be marred by confusion over whether the proposed Jacksons reunion will take place...

DESTINY’S CHILD have been added to the line-up of the MICHAEL JACKSON tribute concerts to celebrate his 30th anniversary.

The girl group are set to perform a medley of their hits at the first of the two shows at New York Madison Square Garden, on September 7, when they perform alongside *NSYNC, Britney Spears and Shaggy.

The show’s promoter David Gest said: “Michael is a huge fan of the pop supergroup and is very excited that Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle will perform.”

The shows will be Jackson‘s first US gigs for 11 years. But the celebration has been marred by confusion over whether the proposed Jacksons reunion will take place, with the last word, according to mtv.com, being that Jermaine would not take part, but Randy would instead join Tito, Marlon and Jackie in celebrating Michael‘s career.

Jermaine was replaced by Randy in the family group line-up when they left Motown in 1975, changing their name from the Jackson 5 to The Jacksons.

A family feud had erupted last week, when Jermaine sent a letter to the press criticising the ticket price for the shows, which go to $2,500 for a VIP corporate hospitality package, for having so many other acts performing – up to 20 – and for not pledging support to a charity.

Gest said on Monday (July 23) that Jermaine would not be performing. However the star himself said that he had never meant to drop out of the reunion. “David [Gest] is pointing me out to be a bad person who’s twisted this whole thing up. I just want the show to be a special moment. It was my understanding that it was just going to be a reunion and that the profits would go to charity.”

The issue was clouded further when Randy’s name appeared on the statement alongside Jermaine’s, though Marlon then issued a counter-statement claiming that Randy never saw Jermaine’s letter, and emphasising that Randy would definitely take part in the event and saying: “We all look forward to singing with *NSYNC on ‘Dancing Machine’. We love *NSYNC and are so glad they are part of this tribute to Michael.”

However, the family’s manager John McLaughlin said it had not been ruled out entirely that Jermaine may yet rejoin the family and said: “They are a family and I am confident they will work it out.”