And, bizarrely, it was the USA's answer to Nasty Nick "loveable" builder Craig et al...

DESTINY’S CHILD singer BEYONCE KNOWLES has revealed to NME.COM that the title track of their forthcoming album ‘SURVIVOR’ was inspired by the desert island version of TV show ‘BIG BROTHER’.

Knowles, who wrote and produced the song, said: “I actually got the inspiration from a joke. A radio station was saying that Destiny’s Child is like the ‘Survivor’ series, trying to see which member will be last on the island.

“I actually took that and turned it into a positive thing. I had an idea for a song, and I was nervous to let the girls hear it, but they really liked it. It’s the first song we recorded for the album and it was really powerful in the studio, it felt good performing it. We can’t wait for everybody to see the video,” she added.

Knowles, who was speaking to NME.COM backstage at the Soul Train awards at Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium on Wednesday (February 28), also told how thrilled she is to have inked a deal with beauty company L’Oreal. “I’m very excited. I can’t believe it. And they offered to sponsor Destiny’s Child’s tour, so all of us are involved in the contract.”

‘Survivor’ is released on April 30 in the UK and May 1 in the US, and as reported on NME.COM yesterday, includes a cover of the Bee Gees-penned song ‘Emotion’, which was a hit for Aussie Samantha Sang in 1978. It also includes an a cappella track, ‘Gospel Medley’. Knowles said ‘Survivor’ and ‘Emotion’ will both be released as singles.