And it will be released before she returns to work with Destiny's Child...

Beyonce is set to release a second solo album before DESTINY’S CHILD regroup next year.

Although the R&B group have always insisted that they will make a fourth album after the three members had completed their solo projects, MTV reports that P Diddy is keen to use the rest of the tracks she recorded during sessions for this year’s solo debut. “I recorded about 45 songs for ‘Dangerously In Love’. I love so many songs, and they are just going to waste sitting there,” she said.

One of the tracks, a collaboration with [a][/a] called ‘Summertime’, appeared on the soundtrack to ‘The Fighting Temptations’, the film in which she stars with Cuba Gooding Jr.

Meanwhile, Bryce Wilson, a producer on ‘Dangerously In Love’, described one of the tracks he worked on: “It’s called ‘Scent Of You’ and it’s a ballad, but it’s a rock ballad, a little leaning on metal. It’s definitely something that nobody’s ever heard from her.”

The next single from ‘Dangerously In Love’ will be ‘Me, Myself And I’, due out next year.