Details of XXXTentacion’s alleged domestic abuse revealed in victim testimony

The graphic description of the rapper's domestic abuse allegations follows.

Rapper XXXTentacion is currently being charged with a litany of crimes including the aggravated battery of a pregnant woman. The recently reported victim testimony reveals the full account of charges.

The 19-year-old Florida MC, real name Jahseh Onfroy, was charged last October with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering.

The rapper has pleaded not guilty in court and denied charges across interviews. The trial is scheduled to begin on October 5, however, Pitchfork have obtained the full transcript of the testimony from the reported victim of XXXTentacion’s abuse.


The testimony describes events that led up to the alleged abuse chronologically. First detailing that the reported victim met the rapper online before attending one of his shows. The first instance of domestic violence occurred two weeks later when the rapper allegedly “slapped her and broke her iPhone 6S, because she had complimented a male friend on his new jewellery”.

The testimony details events of a sexually violent nature with descriptions of the rapper presenting grilling tools and telling the reported victim to pick one because “he was going to put one of them in her vagina”.

The transcript tells of other instances of assault that occurred in the weeks following. The domestic violence continued once XXXTentacion was released from jail for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon in July 2016.

In early October 2016, the reported victim found out she was pregnant by the rapper. Paranoid that it wasn’t his, Onfroy allegedly threatened to kill her and the baby before “elbowing, head-butting, and punching her”.

After that, the transcript shows, Onfroy confiscated her phone so she couldn’t call the police. The phone wasn’t returned until October 8, the day the rapper was arrested. The victim escaped XXXTentacion’s apartment and was driven to the Miami Beach police department by an ex-boyfriend’s mother.

Transcripts, also obtained by Pitchfork, show that the testimony was backed up by the ex-boyfriend the victim had been with while XXXTentacion was in the jail.