Detroit Social Club: ‘I still haven’t heard our single on Sky Sports yet’

David Burn admits his pride at hearing how 'Northern Man' has been beamed to millions

Detroit Social Club singer David Burn has admitted he is yet to hear the band’s new single ‘Northern Man’ being played out on Sky Sports – despite the fact it’s been regularly used since the start of the football season.

The orchestral version of the track features on the bedding music for the channel’s Premier League and Champions League football coverage.

“This whole thing has been class,” Burn told NME. “But to be honest I’m still yet to hear it myself because I haven’t got Sky.


“I keep on getting texts every Saturday from different people watching different matches saying I’ve just heard ‘Northern Man’, class, well done.”

He added: “I think there’ll be a time when I’m stood in a pub somewhere watching my team Sunderland and it’ll burst out over the speakers. That’ll be a proud moment, I have to admit.”

The singer, who recently injured himself on a video shoot playing football, also admitted Sky‘s interest was a big bonus after bands such as The Temper Trap saw their 2009 single ‘Sweet Disposition’ shoot up the charts in similar circumstances.

“As a band your main objective is to get your music heard by as many people as possible particularly when radio play for new bands is being pretty much strangled these days,” he said. “It’s also nice to know that a melody that started in my head one morning when I woke up is being heard by millions of people.”

As for getting any free footie tickets following the deal, Burn admitted that he just missed out on a season ticket for the Stadium Of Light.

“Have I blagged any tickets for Sunderland yet? Well I’ve got a season ticket already but maybe I should have held fire and got a free one,” he joked.


‘Northern Man’, which will also feature a cover of Neil Young‘s ‘Heart Of Gold’, will be released on October 11.