Detroit Social Club give away ‘eye-opening’ track away as free download

Band revamp 'Black & White' after touring with Primal Scream

Detroit Social Club are giving away the first track from their debut album sessions away free as a download.

The band made ‘Black & White’ available through, and have told NME.COM that although the song has been in their live set for a while, it demonstrates how the group have evolved while recording with producer Jim Abbiss

“There was always talk of a few songs and I was keen on ‘Black & White’ for a few reasons. The song’s already pretty well known by the hardcore fans in its original form, so it was nice to rework it to bring it up with the rest of the songs on the new album. It’s the perfect example of how we’ve progressed as a band in the last few years,” explained singer David Burn.


He added: “Recording the album was a strong experience. Really hard, but rewarding. Not just the recording itself necessarily but everything that went with it. The whole 12-month process has been a massive eye-opener and really pushed us, without a doubt helping us to become the band we are now.

“The sound of this album has really changed as we’ve gone along. We always wanted a warm, rich sound and I think we’ve definitely succeeded in that. I always wanted that when I sat down to write the songs. But it was when the band sat down and just played them out in the studio, and put their own imprint on the songs that it really started to come to life, it really pulled everything together – the songs, the band, the feeling everything had.”

The band are set to play a free gig at the Flower Pot in London on Wednesday (December 9), and say they have improved after touring with Primal Scream and seeing Bobby Gillespie and co at close quarters.

“Touring with Primal Scream was a real turning point for us, and the record,” said Burn. “The songs and music that influence me are quite retro and you can get caught up with the fear thinking that you’re album might not be modern enough, but hearing Primal Scream play you realise ‘Who gives a fuck’? – you have to be true to yourself and wear your heart on your sleeve, as that’s when the best stuff comes out.

“That was made even further apparent when we played with a few bands that just turn it up to 11 when they play out live, but with nothing else. We started out like that but realised we wanted something more and I think the album reflects this. It’s much more considered than our early stuff, we’ve spent a lot of time giving the songs real shape and spirit.”