dEUS’ Tom Barman unveils ‘Somewhere Down The Crazy River’ from new project TaxiWars

The alt-rock legend returns - and gets jazzy

dEUS frontman Tom Barman returns with his new project, TaxiWars – check out the unreleased track ‘Somewhere Down The Crazy River’ below.

The seminal million-selling Belgian alt-rock heroes dEUS, responsible for tracks such as ‘Suds And Soda’, ‘The Architect’, ‘Bad Timing’, ‘Little Arithmetics’ and ‘Roses’ and for inspiring the likes of Radiohead, Elbow, Muse and beyond, released their acclaimed seventh album ‘Following Sea’ in 2012 before the release and tour of their ‘best of’ compilation, ‘Selected Songs’ in 2014.

Now, during down time before the release of new material, Barman returns with his new, jazz-rock-infused, genre-bending new project, TaxiWars.

The band release their debut album ‘Fever’ on Friday 25 November, but you can check out ‘Somewhere Down The Crazy River’ recorded during the same sessions exclusively below.

Somewhere down the crazy river by TaxiWars

Unreleased TaxiWars track #fever

“Very soon I was convinced that this could be a working band,” said Barman. “We bonded very quickly, these guys are great musicians – obviously – and I like the our work ethic: we can make a record without losing two years of our lives.

“The clubs and jazz fests have been great, but we feel most at home at seriously alternative rock festivals. Places where you hardly know anyone on the roster, but where you can hear smouldering, bubbling music wherever you go.”

Hear the album ‘Fever’ in full below


Fever, an album by TaxiWars on Spotify