Devendra Banhart: ‘My music videos were made with incompetence and deception’

Singer/guitarist says he never had approval for previous promos

Devendra Banhart has distanced himself from his previous music videos – saying that they were made without his approval.

The singer/songwriter, set to return with new album ‘What Will We Be’ in October, told that he was livid about the way his promos had been made in the past.

“Other than ‘Carmensita’ and ‘Little Yellow Spider’, every video I’ve made has been a complete fucking mess of incompetence and deception,” said Banhart, who is newly signed to the Warners label. “The [past] labels have released the videos without me seeing them – incomplete videos that make no sense and make me look even dumber than I am.

“It’s shocking. I’ve shot videos that should be fully animated that were released without any animation.”

Banhart added that under his new deal he had more control and say in his videos. “Well, for one, they [Warners] won’t release a music video until I’ve seen it and approved it,” he said.

‘What Will We Be’ is set for release on October 27.