Devendra Banhart shares first new song from upcoming album

Listen to 'Middle Names'

Devendra Banhart has shared the first song from his upcoming album ‘Ape In Pink Marble’ – his first LP in about three years.

‘Middle Names’ is the first teaser from the album, which was produced by Banhart himself alongside longtime collaborators Noah Georgeson and Josiah Steinbrick.

Before the release of his previous LP ‘Mala’, Banhart opened up about his love of Britpop bands. One song on the album in the particular, sees Banhart telling the story about the time he queued up to see Suede live in concert.


Explaining how the settings of the song are autobiographical, but the characters are not, he said: “I stood in line. But when I stood in line I couldn’t wait for the line to move so I could watch Suede, the band that I love to this day. I love almost every Britpop band. I’m going deep here.”

The full tracklisting for ‘Ape in Pink Marble’ can be seen below:

01 Middle Names
02 Good Time Charlie
03 Jon Lends A Hand
04 Mara
05 Fancy Man
06 Fig In Leather
07 Theme For A Taiwanese Woman In Lime Green
08 Souvenirs
09 Mourner’s Dance
10 Saturday Night
11 Linda
12 Lucky
13 Celebration

You can listen to ‘Middle Names’ below.