DEVO and Datarock go head to head with band uniforms

Dance band meet their 'biological parent'

DEVO and Datarock had a band uniform face off (pictured) when the bands played together earlier last month.

The groups played South By South West together earlier in March, but have just released this snap of the band’s “costume off” to NME.COM.

“Getting to know DEVO was like finally meeting our biological parent,” Datarock’s Fredrik Saroea told NME.COM. “Kind of made us feel like the kid in ‘Junior’ though”.


Meanwhile, Datarock will release new album ‘Red’ in May.

The record features the following tracklisting:

‘The Blog’
‘Give It Up’
‘True Stories’
‘Do It Your Way’
‘In The Red’
‘Fear Of Death’
‘The Pretender’
‘Back In The Seventies’
‘Not Me’
‘New Days Dawn’