The group's legendary LP is issued for the third time...

[/a]’ third and final album, 1985’s ‘DON’T STAND ME DOWN’, is being re-released for a second time on April 15 as a ‘Director’s Cut’.

Former [a] singer, the infamously antagonistic Kevin Rowland, explains his dissatisfaction with Creation Records’ 1997 reissue of ‘Don’t Stand Me Down’ in the forthcoming album’s sleevenotes. “I was so disappointed, after going to a lot of trouble to get the record from Mercury and then getting Creation to put it out … It sounded OK, but not nearly as effective as it should have done, nowhere near as good the record we made, and I felt bad about that. So here is the director’s cut. It now sounds to me as it was intended to sound.”

The DVD version features three unseen videos, directed by the legendary

Jack Hazan: ‘This Is What She’s Like’, ‘Listen To This’ and ‘Knowledge Of Beauty’.

‘Don’t Stand Me Down – The Directors Cut’ will be released on 15 April 2002, through EMI Liberty.