Dexys Midnight Runners “did not and would not” approve their music for Trump rally

Footage recently emerged of a ska band performing 'Come On Eileen' as part of the President's re-election campaign

Dexys Midnight Runners have issued a brief statement via the band’s official Twitter account, clarifying that they “did not and would not” give the green light for their music to be used as part of Donald Trump‘s re-election campaign.

The confirmation comes after footage emerged of a military band performing a ska rendition of Dexys’ famous 1982 hit ‘Come On Eileen’ ahead of a Trump event in front of Mount Rushmore.

“Dexys Midnight Runners did not and would not approve our music being played or performed at a Trump rally,” the account posted yesterday in response to the clip.


See Dexys’ tweet and the footage in question below:

Responses to the somewhat uneven ska performance on Twitter covered a broad range of satirical angles, including references to fascism and over-the-counter drug addiction – just two of the various accusations that have dogged the President during his controversial tenure.


The Trump team has struggled to find any beloved musicians willing to soundtrack his campaign, with various high-profile bands and artists distancing themselves from the Republican after discovering their music has been used at his rallies.

Last week (June 27), The Rolling Stones warned Trump to stop using their music at his rallies and events or face a lawsuit.

The band have already served the US President with multiple cease and desist directives after he began playing their songs at events on his 2016 presidential campaign.

Nancy Sinatra also spoke out about Trump over the weekend (July 4), saying her father Frank “loathed” him.

Following the president’s speech, which included praise for the ‘My Way’ singer, Mia Farrow tweeted: “Frank Sinatra would have loathed Donald Trump.”

Nancy responded by writing: “He actually did loathe him.”