Diary of Beatles roadie reveals what the band got up to following their iconic ‘Abbey Road’ photoshoot

George Harrison went to the zoo 50 years ago today

Fifty years after The Beatles‘ famous ‘Abbey Road’ photoshoot, a diary entry from the band’s roadie has been shared revealing what Paul, John, George and Ringo all got up for the rest of the day after the shoot.

Today (August 8) marks 50 years since the Fab Four took to the now iconic ‘Abbey Road’ zebra crossing to shoot the cover for what would become one of the most famous albums of all-time.

“50 years ago today, @TheBeatles gathered at EMI Studios for one of the most prolific photoshoots of their career,” Abbey Road Studios tweeted earlier today. “A policeman held up the traffic as photographer Iain Macmillan took six shots of the group walking across the zebra crossing just outside the studio.”


According to Beatles podcast host Jason Carty, there were only six photographs taken on the day. There were “no managers, no stylists,” and the band were finished so quickly that “they had 2-3 hours to kill before their recording session started.”

Carty also revealed that after the shoot, “John & Paul went around the corner to Paul’s house. Ringo went shopping. George went to the zoo.” He shared a diary entry from the band’s “roadie/fixer/pal” Mal Evans, that corroborated this information.

See the diary excerpt below:


Meanwhile, thousands of Beatles fans descend on ‘Abbey Road’ earlier today (August 8) to mark 50 years since the iconic photoshoot.

An estimated 3,500 fans convened at the North London location, with plenty of Beatles impersonators and guitar-wielding fans in attendance.


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