Did Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ rip-off ‘The Legend of Zelda’?


Kanye West fans have noticed that one of the stand-out tracks from ‘Jesus Is King‘ bears a remarkable similarity to the soundtrack of acclaimed video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The gospel-inspired album finally arrived last Friday (October 25) after a string of delays and postponed release dates.

But as Nintendo Life notes, the track ‘Selah’ shares an extremely similar chord progression with ‘Gerudo Valley’, a notable highlight from the soundtrack to the cult fantasy game.


The similarity becomes even more evident when the two are merged together, as the below clip from Twitter user Louie Zong seemingly proves.

One Twitter user responded: “My daughter is a walking Legend Of Zelda encyclopedia. I played this clip for her and simply asked for her to tell me what she hears. No other context. She answered excitedly: “That’s the Gerudo Valley theme!” So yeah.

Another commented: “In my humble opinion, gerudo valley should be embedded in the heart of every song in existence.”

Meanwhile, NME described ‘Jesus Is King’ as a “jubilant gospel collection”.


In a four-star review, Jordan Bassett wrote: “Like many great rock stars before him, Kanye West has cranked up God’s jukebox. ‘Jesus Is King’ lacks his trademark goofball sense of humour, but that’s partly compensated for with warmth and hope for the future.”

Kanye has also confirmed he plans to take the record on the road “straight away”.