Diddy to launch his own music TV channel ‘Revolt’

Hip-hop mogul says channel will be 'driven by the nonstop chatter of social networking'

Diddy is set to launch his own music television channel, which is to be called ‘Revolt’.

The hip-hop mogul will unveil his plans for the channel today (February 21) and is reportedly hoping that the channel will begin broadcasting before the end of the year, reports the New York Times.

According to the report, Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, has pitched ‘Revolt’ as a music and news television channel “influenced by the nonstop chatter of social networking”.


The channel will be broadcast by US TV provider Comcast, which is the largest cable television provider in the States. The deal is thought to have come about as part of an agreement with the US government that allowed Comcast to take a shareholding stake in NBC Universal in exchange for a pledge to carry several new channels owned by people from ethnic minorities.

Diddy has not said much about his new channel, only on record as saying to MTV News: “We’re coming with a new energy, we’re coming with something that people are going to want to tune in to see.” It is not known whether he will appear on the channel himself.