Diddy pledges to step away from performing

Rap superstar says he is 'taking his artist hat off'

Diddy has claimed to be stepping away from performing, saying he wants to “take my artist hat off”.

The superstar rapper, whose most recent release came earlier this year with his group Diddy – Dirty Money, says he plans to concentrate on production for other artists.

He told BBC Newsbeat: “[Right now] it’s about supporting [bandmates] Dawn and Kaleena on their solo projects and the rest of the Bad Boy projects.”

Yet while he claimed to be “chilling” from making new music, Diddy – Dirty Money bandmate Dawn Richards questioned the truth of the statement. She said: “Puff said he’s chilling which is a first for me – he ain’t going to be chilling.”


She continued: “Kaleena and I are working on our solo projects but I don’t believe Puff at all about chilling.”

Both were speaking at a visit to a community project in east London where they helped volunteers decorate a playground as part of the Orange Rock Corps initiative.

Diddy continued: “I been painting. Nobody really knows this but one of my first jobs when I was 10… It was during the heatwave, I was 10 years old. It was like 110 degrees and I was baking up on this ladder. I was painting this house fuschia and burgundy. It was a crazy colour. I do it all, I do it all baby.”

Diddy – Dirty Money perform tonight (July 12) alongside Kelis, Eliza Doolittle, Professor Green and more at London‘s Wembley Arena as part of Orange Rock Corps.