P Diddy: ‘I’m nervous about singing properly on my new album’

Rapper tells NME about his plans for Diddy-Dirty Money

P Diddy has said he feels nervous about singing with his new band Diddy–Dirty Money.

The rapper admitted feeling nervous in an interview in this week’s issue of NME which is available on UK newsstands now, and digitally worldwide.

“There’s definitely nerves. It’s nerve-wracking because there’s more singing for me. You have a new concept, and it took people a while to buy into it,” he explained.


He added that despite the new direction of Diddy–Dirty Money, he’s not about to totally abandon his past.

“I think a lot of times people forget how many hits I’ve had,” Diddy added. “I take pride in having hit records that still play in clubs now. I take people on a musical journey, and when we bring that up to date it just gets even more intense.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Diddy hinted that he might get his friend, Arctic MonkeysMatt Helders, to drum with him on tour.

Matt was supposed to play with me on my Europe dates,” he said. “But they came up so quick and he was busy doing something. He didn’t get a chance to rehearse with us. So maybe he’ll come into rehearsal.”

Diddy also revealed that he’s given Helders the nickname of Rufus Black “because it’s so strange that me and him are friends”.