P Diddy to hang out with Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders at first UK show in five years

Rapper brings his new band Diddy-Dirty Money to Glasgow for MTV show

P Diddy has told NME he wants to hook up with Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders at his first UK show in five years in Glasgow tomorrow (September 29).

The rapper, whose new band Diddy–Dirty Money plays The Old Fruitmarket for MTV Crashes… Glasgow, also admitted that he may even get the sticksman to join him onstage after the two struck up a friendship earlier this year.

“He’s gonna come to the show,” Diddy said. “He’ll be hanging with me. We’re just friends. Maybe I’ll just throw him on the drums for no reason.”


The rapper continued by saying that he’s looking forward to visiting the city for the first time.

“To be honest I never been to Glasgow, I don’t really know what to expect. I’m gonna feel like a fan in a sense. I’m going into unchartered territory. I get there a day early so I have a chance to look around and get to understand culturally what’s going on. I’ll hopefully get a chance to go out.”

Diddy added that the gig is likely to see an outing for some of the rapper’s older hits, as well as material from Diddy–Dirty Money‘s forthcoming album ‘Last Train To Paris’.

“I think that Glasgow will get the first chance to hear one or two songs off the album that we’re gonna perform live. It’s always a risky thing when people don’t know a song, but it’s like, ‘Shit! We going to Glasgow!’ We might as well take a chance. We don’t wanna just play it safe, you know?”

Head to MTV.co.uk for more information on the gig.