Diddy’s son King Combs addresses being a “nepo baby”

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown"

Diddy’s son King Combs has addressed being labelled a “nepo baby”, sharing that he’s “not really” bothered by the recent discourse.

When asked by a TMZ reporter at Los Angeles International airport if he was tired of the nepotism debate surrounding children of famous people, King Combs – real name Christian Combs – replied: “Not really, no.”

He continued: “Heavy is the head that wears the crown. So [I] have a big legacy I have to live up to,” he continued in the clip posted yesterday (January 16). But right now, Bad Boy [Records] we’re number one, baby.”


When asked if he feels he benefitted at all from his father’s legacy, the rapper, 24, replied: “I feel like I’m blessed. You know we’re going to take the legacy far, further and further. Bad Boy for life.

“Can’t stop, wont stop, never stop, can’t stop, that’s it.”

Back in November 2022, Maude Apatow, Anaïs Gallagher and Zoë Kravitz were among the first celebrities to respond to criticism of “nepotism babies”.

Euphoria star Apatow, daughter of Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann, said she understands that she’s “in such a lucky position”.

Gallagher, who is the daughter of Noel Gallagher and Meg Mathews, is a photographer and has worked as a model in the past. “I’m really, really, extremely grateful for the situation my parents have been able to give me, and I’ll be grateful until the day I die,” she told the Daily Mail.


Kravitz, who like her father Lenny Kravitz is a musician, is also an actor like her mother Lisa Bonet, and has starred in the recent The Batman movie and the High Fidelity television series.

She admitted to having a “deep insecurity” about her success as an actor being viewed as less because of her parents, but also defended being a “nepo baby”.

“It’s completely normal for people to be in the family business,” Kravitz told GQ. “It’s literally where last names came from. You were a blacksmith if your family was, like, the Black family.”

The conversation intensified online after an article discussing ‘The Nepotism Babies Of Hollywood’ was published in Vulture.

Lily Allen later entered the discourse by highlighting the “nepo babies” people “should be worrying about”.

Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson also shared her humorous response to the conversation, while Jamie Lee Curtis said the nepo babies discourse was “designed to diminish and denigrate and hurt”.

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