A foul-up over the star's eligibility is blamed...

THE BRIT AWARDS have been forced into an embarassing about-turn over the nomination of Dido as BEST NEWCOMER at this year’s awards.

The huge-selling singer – who was the biggest-selling album artist in the UK during 2001 – has been kicked out of the Best Newcomer category following a foul-up over her elegibility.

Details as to the reason behind Dido‘s removal are not clear at present. A statement has been issued by the Brits committee that blames The Official UK Charts Company, saying Dido “incorrectly appeared on the circulated list of eligible artists for this particular category”.

The Charts Company accepts the blame and have apologised to Dido. However, at time of going to press they could not be reached for an explanation of what the criteria that saw Dido nominated for the second year in a row as best newcomer, despite her huge sales.

A spokesperson for the Brits said that the change of nomination had nothing to do with the public outcry which greeted many of this year’s nominations, especially that of Dido as a newcomer.

Tom McRae has been wheeled in as a replacement in the category. It is unknown at present if Atomic Kitten, also nominated for the second year running as ‘Best Newcomer’, will also be removed.

The ‘Best British Newcomer’ category is voted for by the listeners of Radio 1.