'Thank You', famously sampled by Eminem, is to be released on May 21...

DIDO will release ‘THANK YOU’, the track famously sampled on EMINEM‘s ‘STAN’, as her next UK single, but has said she has no plans to perform live with the rapper again.

The song will be released on May 21, following her forthcoming, sold-out UK dates. B-sides will be confirmed in the coming days.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard website www.thisislondon.co.uk today (April 9), Dido insisted that although she finds Eminem to be “polite, funny and charming”, she has no plans to appear onstage with the rapper again.

Speaking about her recent live appearances with the [url=]innovative rapper, including at his dates at the London Docklands Arena earlier this year, she said: “We’ve made our point and I’ve performed with him everywhere I wanted to play.”

Dido also described Eminem and Elton John‘s version of ‘Stan’ at the Grammy Awards as “bizarre”.

She continued: “It didn’t really work for me because he wasn’t playing the piano. It was a bit of a cheat, but then I remembered I’d written that song in the bath in my Highbury flat on a soggy piece of paper and I started rolling around the floor. It was another moment of madness.”