DIIV to record second album next week

The band say their new album is 'written and arranged'

DIIV have revealed that they’re getting ready to record their second album.

Posting on Instagram, the band wrote: “#LP2 is written and arranged, we’ve got one last week of rehearsals and recording demos before we’re back to NYC in the studio with @danieljschlett! it’s been an intense 2+ years but i couldn’t be happier with the collection of songs those years have given me. excited for u to hear !”

The album will be the follow up to their 2012 debut ‘Oshin’, with the group previously describing their new material as “darker” than their first full-length.

Late last year it emerged that the band’s bass player Devin Ruben Perez had posted a number of sexist, racist and homophobic statements on a 4Chan messageboard.

His messages included a series of disparaging remarks about Grimes and Meredith Graves of the band Perfect Pussy. He also used the n-word in reference to UK producer Zomby as well as making an anti-semitic joke.

Frontman Zachary Cole Smith responded to the reveal with a series of tweets, including one where he wrote: “I will never EVER tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, bullying, or bigotry of any kind. I’m doing everything to get to the bottom of this.”

Perez himself tweeted in response: “I’m not sexist, racist or a misogynist and anyone who knows me knows that. I just said some dumb shit on an anime message board.”