DIIV frontman on 2013 drugs arrest: ‘I couldn’t write anything for a year afterwards’

The band release their second album 'Is The Is Are' in September

DIIV singer Zachary Cole Smith has spoken to NME about the band’s upcoming album and his 2013 arrest for drugs possession.

The band’s second record ‘Is The Is Are’, the follow-up to 2012 debut ‘Oshin’, is expected to be released in September, with Smith revealing that the album’s delay has been due to the fact that he “couldn’t write anything for a year”.

Smith was arrested in 2013 after being found in possession of heroin and ecstasy.

Speaking to NME in this week’s print issue, available digitally and on newsstands now, Smith stated that he is putting past troubles behind him to work on the LP.

“I know I have to stay alive at least until the album’s done,” Smith said. “This is one shot at immortality, if I ever have one. I know it’s by far the most important thing I’ll ever do. That’s very empowering, no matter what fucked-up shit is going on.” He continued: “Every day is a struggle, but I have to be the best I can, stay sober and finish this record.”

Smith also discussed his aims for the album, claiming: “We’re making non-traditional choices when it comes to rock music. Rock is so thoroughly explored in every way; I still think there’s room to make it interesting.” He added: “That guitar-based DIIV sound is still there, but we’ve expanded its parameters”.

Previously, the band described their new material as “darker” than their first full-length.

Meanwhile, late last year it emerged that the band’s bass player Devin Ruben Perez had posted a number of sexist, racist and homophobic statements on a 4Chan messageboard.

Smith responded to the revelation with a series of tweets, including one where he wrote: “I will never EVER tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, bullying, or bigotry of any kind. I’m doing everything to get to the bottom of this.”