The Dillinger Escape Plan open up on disbanding after 20 years

"It's best to leave it on a high note."

The Dillinger Escape Plan have opened up on their decision to disband after 20 years, and admit that it came from a desire to leave the band on a high note.

Speaking to NME after collecting the lifetime achievement honour at the AIM Awards, the influential mathcore group opened up on how they “reached a point” of deciding to call it a day – with their final show scheduled at the end of the the year.

“I mean there just comes a point in every artist’s career that you feel you’ve kind of reached a point where this is the peak and it’s best to leave it on a high note”, drummer Billy Rymer said.

“Collectively and creatively, we felt it was the right thing to announce that we were going to disband and put out this final record which we’re all incredibly proud of. I got to be part of a masterpiece finally, in this band.”

Guitarist Ben Weinman said: “I think ever since it was actually announced that we were throwing in the towel after this touring cycle, just talking to fans and people has made it something special. Announcing the record before doing the tour made it a very special release for us so it’s been great.”

And while both are pursuing solo projects after the split, Weinman is refusing to rule out the prospect of a reunion in future after their final album ‘Dissociation’, was released to acclaim in October 2016.


“It seems that as soon as we’d broken up, we were getting the questions of when’s the reunion? I don’t know if that’s just a representation of what bands do, to presume they’re part of like a formula now”, he said.

“But we’ve never been about formulas. So, I don’t think we’ll say we’ll never group together again or play a show, but certainly that’s not what we’re thinking about.”