Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis to release first solo album in March

'Several Shades Of Why' is out on March 14

Dinosaur Jr founder J Mascis is set to release his first solo album, ‘Several Shades Of Why’, in March.

The album, which is predominantly acoustic, was recorded at Bisquiteen Studios in Amherst, Massachusetts and will be released on March 14.

Several guests appear on ‘Several Shades Of Why’, including Kurt Vile, Sophie Trudeau, Kurt Fedora, Broken Social Scene‘s Kevin Drew and Band Of HorsesBen Bridwell.

“It’s basically all acoustic,” Mascis said. “There’s some fuzz, but it’s acoustic through fuzz. There’re no drums on it, either. Just one tambourine song, that’s it. It was a specific decision to not have drums. Usually I like to have them, but going drum-less pushes everything in a new direction and makes it easier to keep things sounding different.”

A single from the album, ‘Not Enough’, is released on February 28.