A hologram of the late Ronnie James Dio closed Wacken Open Air festival

Dio's hologram made its debut with Dio Disciples

A hologram of the late Ronnie James Dio made its debut at Wacken Open Air this weekend.

Ronnie’s former band members, Dio Disciples, headlined the final night of the German metal festival last night (August 6) and during their set the hologram of their former singer was unveiled.

His widower Wendy, who’s also Dio Disciples’s manager, has been working with Eyellusion to create the Ronnie hologram.


“When I first experienced the full production of Ronnie performing with his band as a hologram, I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears,” said Wendy in a statement. “We have been able to get Ronnie back up on stage where he belongs, ensuring that his music and memory live on.”

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“We know how much the fans miss Ronnie,” said Dio Disciples’s lead guitarist Craig Goldy, as reported by Billboard, “and the special and unequaled element that he brought to his live performances.”

There plans to take the Ronnie hologram on tour in 2017, speaking of which Goldy said: “We can’t wait to bring this experience to even more of his fans and perhaps even a newer generation when we bring this incredible live experience on the road next year.”

Real name Ronald James Padavona, Ronnie died in 2010 from metastasized stomach cancer. Last year heavy metal legends gathered to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the singer’s death.

The ceremony saw members of Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Stone Sour and more play tributes at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.