Dionne Warwick wants to meet Elon Musk

"His attitude is freedom of speech, which is mine as well"

Dionne Warwick says she wants to meet Twitter and Tesla boss Elon Musk to find out his “true intent”.

Musk has come under fire for a number of policy changes at the social media since his takeover of the company back in October this year. Warwick, meanwhile, is a beloved figure on Twitter, most recently being “confused” by Yung Gravy’s stage name and perplexed by Chance the Rapper‘s.

The soul icon and recent internet personality has also joined TikTok after opening her own Twitter account in the last two years. “Who knows what I’ll create,” the singer joked in January as she joined the social media platform.


In a new interview with PeopleWarwick said of Musk: “I have to meet him. I know a lot of people have walked away from Twitter. That’s prior to knowing exactly what he’s going to do. He’s new to the game.

“His attitude is freedom of speech, which is mine as well,” she added. “However, there’s a way to do it.

“That’s one of the conversations I’m going to have with him. What is your true intent? I understand your freedom of speech attitude but how are you going to contain it, so it does not get out of hand?”

CREDIT: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Overnight (December 21), Musk confirmed that he will step down from his role as CEO of Twitter as soon as he finds “someone foolish enough to take the job”.

Musk announced the news of his imminent departure in a tweet published on Wednesday. “I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job”, the billionaire wrote. “After that, I will just run the software & servers teams.” Musk’s Twitter resignation comes just months after his official takeover of the social media site in October of this year.


The announcement follows a poll Musk conducted on Twitter earlier this week, in which he asked users whether he should resign as CEO following criticism of his ban on the sharing of external social media links on the site. “Should I step down as head of Twitter?”, Musk wrote in the poll’s accompanying caption. “I will abide by the results of this poll”.

Musk’s resignation bookends what has been a tumultuous few months for Twitter under his leadership. In November, the Tesla CEO conducted a separate poll asking whether the Twitter account of Donald Trump should be reinstated, before going on to reinstate both Trump’s account and that of Kanye West. More recently, Musk made headlines once again by banning a number of journalists from CNNNew York Times and Washington Post, claiming that they had “doxxed” his location and “endangered his family”.

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