Diplo talks eating embryos and DJing with diarrhea

Major Lazer star shares anecdotes in new interview

Diplo has shared a series of anecdotes of the wilder side of being a touring musician, revealing that he has eaten boiled embryos and DJed while he had diarrhea.

As Stereogum points out, the Major Lazer star made the revelations during a recent GQ interview.

Asked about the “weirdest meal” he’s had whilst on the road, Diplo replied, “I’ve had baby eggs,” presumably referring to balut, street food in southeast Asia consisting of boiled bird embryo.

“They’re a specialty in Manila,” he explained. “You eat the whole egg with the baby in it. But I don’t get too risky while on tour because I don’t want to get sick.”

“The worst thing that can happen on tour is getting sick because then you have cancel shows and rehab yourself,” Diplo added. “Actually, that’s not the worst thing. The worst thing is DJing with diarrhea.”

On the latter subject, Diplo said: “You have to get through it. You’re like in Vegas or something and… whatever. It’s the worst. You just have to concentrate, get it done. I’m a soldier.”

Back in March, Diplo was involved in a Twitter spat with fellow producer Oliver Heldens, in which he said that Heldens had a “baby penis”.

The dispute began when Dutch DJ Heldens spoke critically of Major Lazer’s remix of Ed Sheeran single ‘Shape Of You’. He wrote: “No offense, but this remix could have been so much better. Next time send me and let’s collab”.

“If I wanted to make a future house remix with the same bassline over and over again I will hit you up you baby penis,” Diplo replied, describing Heldens as looking like “a nine year old with a beard”.