Mark Knopfler declines Dire Straits tour and album

Bassist John Illsley reveals Knopfler isn't keen on a reinion

Former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler has scuppered the chances of the band reuniting.

According to bassist John Illsley, Knopfler is the stumbling block in plans for the group to reunite for a tour and new album, as he is concentrating on his own musical projects.

The group’s last studio album was 1991’s ‘On Every Street’.


Illsley – who releases solo album ‘Beautiful You’ on October 13 – told BBC News that he had attempted to instigate a reunion, only to be rebuffed by his former bandmate.

“I think we’ve definitely got one more tour left in us, and probably another record too,” Illsley said. “[But] he’s [Knopfler] doing different kinds of music now.

“He’s doing incredibly well as a solo artist, so hats off to him. He’s having a perfectly good time doing what he’s doing.”

Mark Knopfler has had success as a solo artist since the official break-up of Dire Straits in 1995. He released his latest studio album, ‘Kill To Get Crimson’, last year.