“We will be releasing music before Reading”: Dirty Hit’s Jamie Oborne gives detailed update about The 1975’s new album

A "natural first statement" is coming soon, he said.

Dirty Hit boss Jamie Oborne has given a lengthy new update about The 1975’s upcoming new album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, which is expected to be released later this year.

Earlier this year, Oborne revealed to NME that The 1975 had renewed their contract with his label for another three albums.

Now, in a new interview with Music Week, Oborne revealed that a “natural first statement” from the new album will emerge soon and that new music will come before the band’s upcoming appearance at Reading and Leeds Festivals.


“The record is coming together. We’ve had this recording studio tour bus on the American tour which has been great for productivity…The boys have been constantly working. I can’t say exactly when it will come, there are a few elements coming together, but we will be releasing music before Reading.”

Oborne said the group will be returning to the same Oxford studio where they made ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ to continue work on the upcoming album. He described the new music as “an extraordinary record” before adding: “I was listening to the demos and it’s amazing.”

Matty Healy

He continued: “It feels like it will be a long record. Will it be a double album? I don’t know what that means any more, it’s definitely going to be a long album but I can’t possibly commit to whether it will be a double album or not. That’s a decision that happens when everything is almost completed.

“We’ve had a lot of back and forth about whether we drop the whole thing as a project. As always with The 1975, we have a pool of possibilities and then Matthew Healy pulls the rug from under our feet at the last minute! The natural first statement always emerges. We’re just figuring out what direction to take it at the moment.”

Oborne also said that the new album will continue with the structure of “identity pieces”. He said: “It’s about achieving a critical mass of exposure through releasing music, videos or photographs, which is basically doing the same again, but at a greater scale because we’re naturally achieving a greater scale.”


The 1975

Last month, frontman Matty Healy said winning two Ivor Novello awards gave him “imposter syndrome.”

“The whole Ivor Novellos has been amazing, it’s such a shame we couldn’t make it,” the frontman told NME of the double win. “I mean, we’d never pull a show to go to an awards ceremony, so I think that’s a testament to the award itself.

“I wish I was there, because being voted by your peers… it’s loads of songwriters saying that I’m the best one of the year. It’s fucking amazing – imagine that!

“It gives you imposter syndrome,” Healy added. “The creative process is so messy and fraught. If people knew, they wouldn’t be giving me this award. Like, I’ve winged it. That’s what you always think, that you’ve winged it.”

Meanwhile, Matty Healy has also revealed the band’s plans for their upcoming Reading & Leeds headline slot. Speaking about his own teenage experiences at the festival, the singer told NME: “It was the pilgrimage to culture for me – it was fucking amazing.”

The 1975 are set to release their new record, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, later this summer.